January 26, 2013

Port Orleans Riverside- Refurbished and Revisited

I have stayed at Port Orleans Riverside multiple times. It has been a great option for a moderate level resort (and price range) for a family of 5.  However, the last stay was in 2010 and I noticed the resort was in need for a serious refurbishment at that time.  Well, I am happy to report that Disney noticed this as well and the refurbishment which included switching out full size beds to queens as well as decor updates and linen replacements brought this resort back to the top of my list.  And by top I mean under the ever present Yacht Club resort because really, that's just a given, what could ever top the Yacht Club?

I digress...back to Port Orleans Riverside.  The resort itself is divided into two areas of theme, Magnolia Bend which lends itself well to the feel of those stately southern mansions and Alligator Bayou which just as the name implies, is meant to take guests out into the southern bayou. Families of 5 will find themselves in the Alligator Bayou side which suddenly became my top pick for this resort.  I adore the twist of the new decor.  Take a peek for yourself...

The surprisingly plush comforter features images to complement the southern theme while the cool colors of blue and green (my favorite combination these days) keep the room light and airy as opposed to the previous dark cabin feel. See that cute alligator on the pillow? He is carried over onto the bedding for your 5th guest. 

Is that cute or what?! My not so technical name for this bed description is a "sideways murphy bed style."  This bed pulls down from the wall- sideways.  

Here is the view of the bed folded up.  I wish I had also shown you, there is a bench below with drawers underneath so every inch of space has a purpose. 

Here you sorta see the bench that will be covered as the bed is brought down. Easy peasy. 

So cute! This isn't a full twin size bed I don't believe...but it would accommodate my 15 year old daughter without a problem.  It would work for myself...but ya'll know I'm not exactly basketball player height either.  Heck, I'm not "reach the top shelf of the pantry" height either.

This cutesy dual coffee maker is just waiting to brew you some java in the morning.

While this is a horrible picture, the alligator theme is carried over to the shower curtain and that bayou feel carried over in the wood look on the backsplash. 

The dressing area boasts of 2 sinks with a nice big counter top, iron & ironing board, closet, safe, and a privacy curtain.

The Magnolia Bend side of POR also got a facelift.  Here is a peek at their new bedding and updated decor.
Notice the cool colors continue but the pattern is more of a damask print with the headboard showcasing some "southern" portraits.

Of course Port Orleans also gets bragging rights for being home to those beautiful Royal Rooms which are also located in the Magnolia Bend area.  Stay tuned for those pictures and review.

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